The Title III-B Value Proposition

A Value Proposition Statement in business tells how a product solves a customer's problem in the most effective way.  Value Proposition Statements for Title III-B services tell how programs address the unmet needs of older adults in a person centered and cost effective manner, produce positive outcomes, and enhance quality of life.  The following documents feature examples of studies, data, testimonies, presentations and reports that advocates can use to communicate the Value Proposition for Title III-B programs.  Please feel free to steal these ideas!

Do you have, or aware of studies that communicate the value of Title III-B services and should be  added to this site?  Please send the document to

In-Home Service Wait List Outcomes Study

In-Home Service Wait List Outcomes Study Infographic

In-Home Service Wait List Outcomes Study Poster

This study shows  that older adults with activity of daily limitations and family caregivers seeking services such as personal care, housekeeping, in-home respite, etc., have much better outcomes when they receive assistance, versus not accessing services and languishing on wait lists for a two year period of time

Silver Key Coalition White Paper

Profile of Title III-B Client Population

AoA 2015 Outcomes Report

University at Buffalo Michigan Service Demand Growth Projection Report

Home Delivered Meals Outcomes Report

Home Delivered Meals Outcomes Report Infographic

Return on Investment Infographic for Legislative District (Michigan Example)

Silver Key Coalition Advocacy Testimony Example

Value Proposition for Title III-B

Join the I Heart Title III B Coalition and the many advocates around the country who are committed to promoting increased federal support for this great program that is vital to helping many low and moderate income older adults maintain their independence

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